about Me

Hi! I’m Shannon

Organization & Systems specialist

It is so nice to Meet you!

Although I have answered to a lot of names over the years, by far my favorite one is Mommy. I am the lucky mama to a happy-go-lucky little boy & new baby girl. They have taught me so much about who I am as a person and what I stand for. They are my why and the reason for what I do.

That being said, I wouldn’t be where I am today with the wonderful life I have without my amazing husband, Sam. He is my forever teammate & supports me every step of the way. Whether he is working long hours at work, hard at work turning our over 100 year old house into our dream home, or being an amazing father to our children, he never ceases to amaze me.


I have been a Pinterest user since back when you had to get an invite… wow that makes me feel old! Back then, I was in education and LOVED using it to find ideas for teaching and eventually my own kindergarten classroom. I continued to turn to Pinterest as I began to plan our wedding, get ideas for our home renovations, and prepare our nursery.

One of the things that drew me into focusing on Pinterest is that I LOVE that it is a positive place. There is already so much negativity in the world, it is nice to have a place to turn to search for solutions & inspiration, without all of the pessimism. I love that I am able to connect my clients with their ideal users by utilizing this powerful, and positive platform, to help them continue to improve the lives of other women & mothers.Β 


I love working with my clients to make them feel lighter & less stressed.

Pinterest is an amazing tool for driving traffic to your website and helping you reach your goals. That being said, I know that it can be very overwhelming. By partnering with me, I am able to take on all the aspects of the managing your account & keep up with the current best practices of the platform, all while giving you back your time to focus on the parts of your business that you are truly passionate about!Β 

I am someone who can’t help but become invested in my client’s business. I have experience working with Teachers Pay Teachers sellers, coaches & course creators. In my business,Β  I prefer to keep a smaller client load. In doing so, it allows me to really get to know my client’s & their businesses, all while giving them a personalized & authentic experience. Your success is my success!


Former Teacher & Forever Student

I went to school for education and hold a M.A. in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. After subbing for a number of years, I eventually landed in my very own kindergarten classroom, which I loved! Since Pinterest is an ever changing platform, my love for education and learning is something that works well with my business. I love learning and keeping up with all the current best practices with the platform so that my clients don’t have to!

Organization & Research Lover

I am a very organized person with a great attention to detail. I love setting up systems and analyzing what is working and what is not. I use these skills in my own business by creating workflows and analyzing the data to keep everything running smoothly, so my clients can focus on what truly brings them joy in their own business.Β 

Communication & Heart

I am someone who loves to communicate. I believe that most of the issues in both our personal and professional lives can be avoided with communication. When I choose to partner with someone, you had better believe that I put my whole heart into what I am doing. I am a firm believer that your success, is my success.

Supporter of Women & Mothers

When I became a mother, I learned that the world can be an unkind place to women & especially mothers. Having experienced a toxic workplace environment where I was discriminated against for becoming pregnant, & eventually becoming a mama who chose to breastfeed, I have turned those lemons into lemonade. I decided to start a business with a focus on partnering with those who are working to make a difference in the lives of women & mothers.

Shannon gave me a better idea and sort of a template to work from which is exactly what I needed. Shannon did the research herself about my business and from there was able to execute exactly what I needed. You have a gift for reading people!

Vivian Rajic

REAL Biz Moms

Shannon is timely, kind, and great with communication. She kept in contact with me about the whole job. I knew when to expect things and she made sure I was happy with the product. If you want to take some things off your plate, but know it’ll get done…Shannon is your person!

Megan Adkins